Bicicleta estática ciclo indoor Wattbike Pro - Sportech fitness
Bicicleta estática ciclo indoor Wattbike Pro - Sportech fitness
Bicicleta estática ciclo indoor Wattbike Pro - Sportech fitness

Indoor cycle static bike Wattbike Pro

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Wattbike is undoubtedly the best brand of indoor bikes or professional exercise bikes in the world, designed by the most prestigious engineers and athletes in the sector, to offer an authentic sensation of pedaling on the road and put at your disposal the most advanced technology to improve your pedaling and this is more efficient, you can also extract endless data from your training. If what you are looking for is the highest quality and market demand, you have found it.

The only difference with the Wattbike Trainer professional stationary bike is that the "trainer" has a low to medium resistance while the pro has a medium to high resistance.

The indoor cycle Wattbike, is a revolutionary professional exercise bike that offers the authentic sensation of pedaling on the road. Provides accurate performance data that help the athlete to improve their way of pedaling, monitoring all the necessary parameters of the exercise. A professional machine that can be used by all types of athletes.

Can be used for any type of exercise, from rehabilitation to Olympic training, passing through the 'on line' races. It is suitable for users of all abilities and ages.

is the first and only indoor bike approved by British Cycling, the prestigious governing body for cycling in the UK. What makes the Wattbike revolutionary is not just its realistic feel. wattbike capture performance data up to 100 times per second across 39 different parameters, while its performance computer provides the kind of data that, until now, has only been available to elite athletes.

 cranks: 170mm long and made of heat-treated reinforced steel.

 Brakes: a patented dual brake system that allows you to recreate the feeling of cycling on the flat and uphill. Air Brake System and Magnetic Brake System.

 Handlebar: lined stainless steel with vulcanized rubber grip fitted as standard.

 Pedals: standards, incorporated with a strap toe clip on one side and an automatic pedal on the other. Pedals for each user can be easily installed.

 Saddle: standard. Low profile racing saddle available as an accessory. User's personal saddles can be easily adjusted.

Power range: 0 - 3760 watts 

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