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Kettlebell Bodytone

Kettlebell Bodytone

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Kettlebells allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises that involve a large number of muscles working resistance, flexibility and, of course, strength:

Swing : Swing your kettlebell between your legs and then drive your arms forward with a controlled hip movement. This exercise works the posterior chain muscles, including the gluteals, hamstrings, and back muscles.

Squat : Hold the round dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest and squat down keeping your back straight and lowering until your thighs are parallel to the ground. This exercise works the quadriceps, glutes, and lower back muscles.

Shoulder Press : Raise the kettlebell to your shoulders, keeping your elbows bent. Next, extend your arms up to perform an overhead press. This exercise strengthens the deltoids and shoulder muscles.

Clean and press : Hold the kettlebell with one hand and perform a cleaning movement to bring it to the shoulder. Next, press the kettlebell up into an overhead press. This exercise works strength and coordination, involving multiple muscle groups.

Rowing : Place one knee and one hand on a bench or stable surface. With your other hand, hold the handle weight and perform a rowing motion, pulling it toward your body. This exercise works the muscles of the back and arms. These are just a few examples of exercises with round weights. Start with the right weight for your strength level and gradually increase it to avoid injury.

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