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BH Fitness

Double Pulley Multicrossover L370 BH Fitness

Double Pulley Multicrossover L370 BH Fitness

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Key points

Anti-corrosion paint treatment Three-layer paint treatment with anti-corrosion primer. explanatory graphic panel Explanatory graphic panel on the correct posture to perform the exercise and the muscles involved in it. 4mm thick structure 4mm-thick structure in high-durability ST-37/40 quality steel and 5mm-thick coated steel cable. Visual scale with didactic weight indicators in 3 colors according to charge level Very intuitive system that helps the user to quickly identify the load and its evolution or progression in the exercise. Accessories included Includes 2 short grips, 2 long grips, 1 adjustable wrist and ankle strap, 1 double rope and 1 bar.

Turning heads with 360º rotating axes
The turning heads have axes that rotate 360º and allow multidirectional training with bars and weights.


  • Varied training. It has 30 different training heights on each arm, which allows you to perform multiple different exercises for work with pulleys and cable. Ideal for personal training sessions.
  • Grip at the top for pull-ups.
  • It allows the simultaneous work of two people.
  • Adjustable double pulleys, with independent arms and free movement of 180º rotation.
  • System of adjustable double pulleys that allow exercises to be carried out with absolute freedom of movement, being able to vary the position of the body while performing the exercise.
  • Standard accessories to increase training possibilities: individual handles, press bar, wave bar for biceps/triceps, specific bat for golf exercises.
  • Fixed double grip on the weight tower and next to each pulley.
  • Side racks to store the grips.
  • Non-slip foot support. Prevents the foot from slipping or sliding, thus preventing possible injuries.
  • Polycarbonate front and rear fairings. Shockproof. They provide security against accidents. Very easy cleaning. It provides greater security to the user during the course of the exercise, avoiding accidents while the plates are in motion.
  • Explanatory graphic panel on the correct posture to perform the exercise and the muscles involved in it. Located in a highly visible position, it helps the user to quickly identify the machine and exercise correctly.
  • High resistance 5mm thick coated braided steel cable, covered with nylon. Contributes to a smooth and safe transmission.
  • Resistance adapted to the different moments of force developed throughout the course of the movement. Workloads adapted to both beginner and advanced athletes.
  • Design with great biomechanical study. It guarantees smooth, natural movements with great muscle concentration.
  • Structure 4 millimeters thick in ST-37/40 quality steel. High durability guarantee.
  • Tubes with rounded edges of elliptical section to avoid cuts or blows.
  • Three-layer paint treatment. It consists of an anti-corrosion primer that guarantees the durability of these machines. After that, an epoxy powder coat is applied and a lacquer or varnish finish that gives it a current, professional and highly developed appearance.
  • Visual scale with didactic weight indications in 3 colors depending on the charge level: light, medium and ad-vanced (green, yellow and red). Very intuitive system that helps the user to quickly identify the load and its evolution or progression in the exercise. Plates with weight indicators in kg and lbs.
  • Safe and durable design, with optimized safety and comfort. Its design with extensive biomechanical study is based on complete studies of the anatomy of each muscle and its behavior during exercise. It ensures a range of smooth and progressive exercises, as well as a natural, precise and fluid movement.
  • Structure raised 50mm above the ground and legs with rubber protections. Allows you to insert the mouth of the vacuum cleaner and clean without scratching the paint. With adjustable stabilizers to adjust each support point to uneven ground.
  • Plate selectors magnetized and aligned with the work plane. The magnets eliminate any chance of the selector coming off during exercise. The pounding to which some inexperienced users subject the plates can cause the selector to come off during full exercise with the consequent risk of injury.
  • High contrast yellow trim elements. It facilitates a quick and comfortable visual identification of the adjustment selectors for any type of user, without the help of the trainer. Easy access to all adjustment elements and load selection from the user's working position
  • Load reduction system that allows a long range of movement on each side and to perform them at high speed without loss of resistance at any point along the way (muscular power work).


  • Long : 150cm
  • Width : 156cm
  • High: 218cm
  • Weight: 273kg
  • Burden: 91kg in each position
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