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Tips to stay fit during the summer

We've been waiting for it for a long time and it's finally here: it's already summer! But this season is a huge challenge for your body. To help you stay in shape during the summer and be able to play sports without problems, we have answered the 4 questions that we all ask ourselves at this time of year. Discover all the tricks to reach September in your best version!

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What time is best to exercise?

In the summer, when to exercise is almost as important as what exercise to do. The danger of training during the hottest hours and exposing yourself to intense heat can lead to problems such as dehydration, heat stroke, increased cardiovascular stress or greater exhaustion along with reduced performance.

Therefore, it is important to avoid the hottest hours of the day, between 10 am and 4 pm, and try to exercise in cool, shaded places or do lower intensity activities such as yoga or strength exercises .

If, however, you prefer to do some type of cardiovascular activity , it is best to do it indoors with good air conditioning and take into account the benefits and drawbacks of training at different times of the day. 

Exercising in the morning

The first hours of the morning are the coolest of the day, so if you are not one of the people who finds it difficult to get out of bed, this is probably your best option. Training in the morning will give you greater energy for the rest of the day, can increase your metabolism and will also improve your mood .

Exercising in the afternoon

Training in the late afternoon will help you clear your mind and release the stress accumulated throughout the day. Thanks to the release of energy that occurs when we exercise, anxiety or restlessness is reduced, which leads to avoiding late-night binge eating . The disadvantage of training at this time of day? Depending on the day and your exact location, it may still be too hot.

Exercising at night

Practicing sports when the sun has set and the temperatures drop can be another good option as long as there is a margin between training time and going to sleep. The increase in energy that occurs when exercising can activate us too much and affect our quality of sleep , so it is not advisable to go to sleep if a period of time has not passed between practicing exercise and bedtime.

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What to have for breakfast in the morning

The ideal breakfast to keep you in shape during the summer should provide you with energy and help you stay hydrated.

  • Shakes or smoothies : A shake or smoothie with fresh fruits. You can combine them with Greek yogurt or milk and even add a handful of green leaves like spinach or kale. Smoothies are a great way to get essential nutrients and stay hydrated during the summer heat.
  • Cold oatmeal: Mix oatmeal with yogurt, milk, or non-dairy milk and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, add fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, or honey for flavor and texture. Cold oatmeal is nutritious and will help you feel full throughout the morning.
  • Whole wheat toast: You can accompany them with slices of fresh fruit and add a little yogurt, honey or nut butter to give them more flavor. These foods will provide you with quality carbohydrates and fiber , as well as a boost of energy.
  • Eggs : Prepare scrambled eggs or an omelette with fresh vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes or peppers. Accompany them with a slice of whole wheat bread and add some avocado for healthy fats. This option will give you a dose of protein and help keep you satisfied throughout the morning.

Healthy and nutritious oatmeal breakfast with berries and yogurt

What to eat after training

It is advisable to eat within 30-60 minutes of training to maximize muscle recovery and replenish nutrients appropriately. Choose foods that help recover energy, replenish nutrients and rehydrate the body.

Fresh fruits : They are refreshing and provide vitamins , minerals and antioxidants . Opt for fruits rich in water such as watermelon, melon, oranges, pineapple or strawberries, which will help you rehydrate. You can also combine them with Greek yogurt for additional protein.

Salads : Prepare a fresh and nutritious salad with a variety of vegetables and add proteins such as chicken or tuna, to promote muscle recovery .

Shakes or smoothies: They are an excellent way to replenish nutrients after exercise. You can combine fruits, with yogurt or milk, and add protein powder. Add ice to make it more refreshing and you can also include a tablespoon of nut or seed butter for healthy fats .

Isotonic drinks or coconut water: If you have sweated a lot during training, it is important to replace lost electrolytes . Isotonic drinks or coconut water are good options to rehydrate and recover the minerals lost during exercise. Avoid high-sugar sports drinks and opt for more natural options.

Protein, nutritious and refreshing shake for after training

Exercises to burn calories

There is a wide variety of exercises that you can do to burn calories, although the vast majority of these are cardiovascular exercises, which involve danger when performed at intense temperatures, so a recommended option, as we have already mentioned before, is to look for a time where temperatures drop or do it in indoor mode, that is, indoors.

Running :

Running is a high-impact cardiovascular exercise that burns a lot of calories. Try alternating between running at different speeds and terrain to intensify your training. To do this, you can choose between one of our smart run treadmills that change the intensity and speed automatically depending on the terrain.

Jump rope :

Jumping rope is a great form of full-body exercise that burns calories quickly. In addition, it is an activity that can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment as you only need to purchase one of our many jump ropes from brands such as Bodytone, Singular Wod and Evergy.

Cycling :

Whether it's on a stationary bike or a spinning bike at the gym, cycling is a fun and effective way to burn calories. You can adjust the resistance and intensity according to your goals and physical condition and even as with treadmills, there are smartbikes with which you can immerse yourself in virtual reality .

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): 

HIIT combines short bursts of exercise with rest periods , that is, a HIIT workout could be 1 minute of intense exercise and 30 seconds of rest.

This type of workout increases your heart rate quickly and helps burn calories even after you've finished exercising. Activities such as running , jumping rope exercises or pedaling a spinning bike can be an ideal option in these workouts.

Weight training: 

Although weight training does not burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercises, it is a very beneficial workout for long-term calorie burning . Weight training helps build muscle mass, which increases metabolism and calorie burning at rest.

Woman running in her living room on a treadmill

Although continuing to exercise during the summer is important, don't get obsessed, listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard if the temperatures are high. If weather conditions are extreme, train indoors or look for lower-impact alternatives, such as strength training or yoga. Adapting your training to weather conditions is key to maintaining safe and effective training

If at any time during your workout you feel dizzy, weak, nauseous, extremely unwell, or have difficulty breathing, stop and rest. Pay attention to your body's signals and don't push yourself beyond your limits.

Don't give up your training during the summer. Don't let the heat stop you! Visit our online store and discover our variety of fitness equipment to stay in shape all year round. Be smart and choose the most refreshing option for your workouts!
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