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If you want to know the benefits of each gym machine and save some money, this is your post.

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This Thursday, April 6, in addition to being Holy Thursday, the World Day of Physical Activity and Sports is celebrated and to celebrate it... 5% discount on these 5 products with the code: DIADEPORTE !

World Day of Physical Activity and Sport - 5% discount!

In an old post we already helped you discover what type of fitness machine would help you achieve your goal thanks to our test to find your ideal fitness machine , but if what you want is to have a general image with the differences and benefits of each one of them keep reading because you are in the right post.


The multi-stations are strength training equipment in which, thanks to the variety of accessories, various exercises for different muscle groups can be performed from a single machine. These strengthening machines are used to build strength and tone different muscle groups in the body. Multistations save space and time , are versatile and allow precise control of the weight used in each exercise.

The Horizon Gym Torus 5 It is one of the most complete multi-stations on the market. Designed for semi-professional or home use, it comes equipped with a wide range of accessories, favoring the training of all muscle groups. In the following video you will find all the most relevant features and peculiarities of this home gym explained by our product expert.

Indoor cycle:

Who does not know what a spinning bike is? It is undoubtedly the great star of fitness machines. Not only do they help improve cardiovascular health and are a great way to shed those extra pounds , but they also help strengthen your legs and reduce stress levels . The quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves, among others, are the muscles that benefit the most when performing this type of exercise.

At present, the offer of this type of machines is equipped with screens in which to follow all the details of the training , as in the Indoor Cycle Commercial S15I Studio Cycle Nordictrack . With its 14-inch rotating screen and its iFit® Coach Ready™ technology, you can enjoy virtual training sessions guided by an expert to optimize your training. Its 22 resistance levels and the best and most practical inclination and decline adjustment system will help you reach your goal in the easiest way.

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Bicycle

Rowing machine:

Rowing is a full-body exercise that works many muscle groups including the muscles of the legs, back, shoulders, arms, and core (abdominals and lower back), making it an ideal choice. if you have little time and want to work the body completely . Because most rowing movements are stable and it's a low-impact activity, the risk of injury is almost non-existent.

Within this category we find the water oars that use a hydrodynamic resistance system, offer a softer and more natural paddling sensation , are quieter and require less maintenance , such as the BH Cardiff R370 oar . It has up to 6 levels of resistance and adjustable pedals to adapt to any type of user . It also has a race mode , a state-of-the-art monitor from which to control all the training and 3 support points that facilitate the vertical storage of the rower in a safe and stable way.

BH Fitness Cardiff R370 rowing machine

Elliptical bike:

Unlike indoor cycles , the training carried out on an elliptical involves the exercise of more muscle groups (arms, abdominals, legs and shoulders), making it a perfect fitness machine to tone muscles and improve posture as well as to improve Cardiovascular health and burn calories . This low-impact activity is ideal for people with knee or other joint problems.

These types of machines have inclination and different levels of resistance , in order to carry out a complete and effective workout. Some even come with a built-in coach like Proform's new Endurance 720E New. Its iFit application offers live classes and different training modes. It has 20 levels of resistance and another 20º of inclination.

Proform Endurance 720E New Elliptical


Treadmills, like ellipticals, offer a complete workout by training your legs, abs, and arms. Although at the muscular level it generates greater wear and tear and it is a high-impact activity, it is ideal for people who want to improve their resistance and burn calories.

They can be a perfect option when you have little space at home since many of them are ultra-foldable and can be stored both horizontally and vertically , such as the BH Nydo treadmill . This tape comes already assembled , so once unpacked it is ready to use. It reaches up to 18 km/h and has connectivity to all digital platforms , making training much more fun.

BH Fitness Nydo ultra-folding treadmill

In short, physical activity is essential to improve physical and mental health, so finding a daily space to exercise and disconnect from day-to-day stress is essential.

Celebrate the world day of physical activity and sport with us by getting going and activating your body! And if you have doubts, write to us.

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