Sportech Fitness Black Friday 2023

Sportech Fitness Black Friday 2023

Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to equip your home gym or improve your exercise routine! This year, on Black Friday we bring you the most tempting offers on machines and accessories for both home and gym.

When is Black Friday 2023 ?

Although the exact date may vary, Black Friday is generally celebrated on the last Friday in November , so this year it will be celebrated on November 24 , although at Sportech Fitness the offers start much earlier!

On Thursday, November 16 , we start with the VIP day in which we will close the website for an exclusive pre-sale to which only 2.00 lucky people will have access.

After the 17th to the 24th we will discount all the products on the website, we will give surprise gifts with all orders over €300 and with all accessories purchases you will be entered into a draw with 3 winners of a 1-month subscription to Better Naked.

Additionally , on Friday the 24th we will have unique discounts on a selection of the best fitness machines and accessories. From the 17th to the 23rd every day at 8 in the morning a flash sale will begin that will last only 24 hours where we will reduce the price of the most notable references of each of the brands:

  • Friday the 17th - Flash Offer with Bodysolid brand products
  • Saturday 18 - Flash Offer with Bodytone brand products
  • Sunday 19 - Flash Offer with BH brand products
  • Monday 20th - Flash Offer with Horizon brand products
  • Tuesday 21 - Flash Offer with Finnlo brand products
  • Wednesday 22 - Flash Offer with Proform brand products
  • Thursday 23 - Flash Offer with Thomas brand products

The best Black Friday 2023 deals on gym machines and accessories

  1. Black Friday Treadmills : Boost your workouts with the latest smart treadmills! Look for discounts on models that offer features like heart rate monitoring, personalized training programs, and connectivity with fitness apps.

  2. Stationary Bikes Black Friday : If you are looking for an effective and fun way to burn calories, stationary bikes are an excellent option. During Black Friday, you could find irresistible deals on bikes equipped with advanced technology and ergonomic designs.

  3. Multi-stations : Save space and diversify your workouts with multifunction machines. From resistance equipment to machines that work multiple muscle groups, these are smart investments for a well-equipped home gym.

  4. Free Weights and Dumbbells : Give your strength a boost with free weights and dumbbells. Look for complete sets or discounts on individual units to build the perfect collection.

  5. Resistance Bands and Pilates Accessories : Add variety to your routine with resistance bands and Pilates accessories. These versatile elements are ideal for toning and strengthening different muscle groups.

How to buy on Black Friday: tips and best practices

Create a list of the products you want to purchase to be better prepared to make quick decisions during Black Friday, subscribe and receive alerts and notifications about exclusive offers and lightning promotions and avoid the crowds by shopping online.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your exercise routine and improve your physical well-being during Black Friday 2023. Get ready to find the best deals and build a home gym that inspires you to achieve your fitness goals!
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