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What materials are most used in bodybuilding training?

In bodybuilding training, different materials are used to provide resistance and support for muscle development. Each of them works a specific muscle to a greater extent , so you must choose based on the muscles you want to develop (train back, shoulder, arm, abdomen, gluteus or leg). Among them, multi-stations stand out for their versatility and the large number of accessories they usually incorporate.

Multi-gyms are weight training equipment that allow you to work different muscle groups using a single machine. These stations typically include a combination of pulleys, bars, and adjustable benches, providing a wide variety of exercises and training positions.

It is important to note that, although multi-gyms offer many advantages, it is also beneficial to complement the training with other materials and free exercises to ensure a complete and balanced approach to muscle development such as exercises with dumbbells or bars with discs, pulley machines, resistance bands , kettlebells, etc.