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Training basketball: The keys to physical training in basketball

If you are also one of those who has stayed up late with the NBA or has enjoyed the legendary Euroleague afternoons, you will know how important it is to not only master technical skills, but also be in optimal physical condition. In this publication, we will reveal the keys to off-court training, so you can take your performance to the next level.

Since we were children we have seen the disproportionate bodies of basketball players on the screen. Although it seems that these superhuman bodies are born naturally, basketball players spend many hours in the gym working each of their muscles .

These players follow a specific basketball training plan that you can adapt to your level to gradually improve your game on the court. In today's blog we will see which are the best exercises for basketball training .

Basketball ball entering the hoop

Basketball training, what you need to know before starting.

Since its creation in 1891 by James Naismith as a winter alternative to football and rugby, basketball has grown enormously in popularity, becoming one of the most practiced and followed sports in the world. Since the first match on December 21, 1891 with nine players on each team and a soccer ball, this sport has undergone many variations in terms of rules and equipment, but also in its way of training.

The length of a basketball workout varies depending on the level of the players, the focus of the workout, the phase of the season, and the coach's preferences. However, generally, a basketball practice can last between 1.5 and 3 hours.

At the most professional levels, the duration of a basketball training session is between 2 and 3 hours , and at lower levels , such as youth or amateur basketball, the training sessions are shorter, around 1.5 or 2 hours.

In addition to on-court training time, players also spend time on warm-up and cool-down activities, stretching, video reviews, tactical analysis sessions, etc., which can further extend the overall duration of the training process.

Basketball training duration scheme

Basketball training in the gym:

Basketball players often spend a lot of time in the gym training without the ball to strengthen their bodies and improve their endurance. If you are thinking about starting, grab a pen and paper and take note:

  • Muscle strengthening : Weight lifting exercises help strengthen the main muscles of the body, such as the legs, glutes, back, shoulders and chest. This muscle strengthening is essential to improve power and endurance during the game, allowing players to jump higher, run faster and have more strength in their movements. Some of the exercises you can do are: squats , deadlifts , bench press or military press .
Basketball bodybuilding exercises



  • Explosive strength development : Plyometric exercises , such as box jumps , vertical jumps , and single-leg jumps , help develop explosive strength and muscle responsiveness . These drills mimic the quick, explosive movements required in basketball, such as jumps to block shots, quick changes of direction, and jumps to grab rebounds.
Plyometric box exercise to develop explosive strength

  • Improved balance and stability : Stability exercises, such as planks, single-leg balance exercises , and medicine ball exercises, help improve body stability and balance. These skills are crucial for maintaining body control during quick movements, changes of direction, and physical confrontations in the game.

Plank to improve balance and stability

Individual resistance training for basketball:

Basketball players need to have good cardiovascular endurance to be able to stay energetic during games. To develop this resistance, it is best to do HIIT training, and you have surely heard about it in recent months, but do you know what it consists of and what its benefits are?

The term HIIT comes from the English concept High Intensity Interval Training, that is, high intensity interval training. In short, it is about performing repetitions of exercises at high intensity, combining them with active rest at very low intensity.

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of agility, and through these intervals of exercises it can be achieved. Activities such as running , jumping rope exercises or pedaling on a spinning bike can be an ideal option in these workouts.

How a HIIT workout works

Agility and speed training for basketball:

Agility and speed are fundamental skills in basketball and therefore, professional players usually perform specific training routines to improve these skills. You can try incorporating these exercises into your basketball training:

  • Agility cones: Players must move quickly from one cone to another, making cuts and sudden changes of direction.
  • Change of direction exercises : Exercises such as changes of direction in sprints, zigzag runs, quick turns and lateral movements.
  • Quick foot exercises : Quick jumps with feet together, lateral jumps, single-leg jumps and other movements that require a quick response and coordination of the feet.
  • Sprinting: Such as high-intensity sprints over short distances or sprints in different directions, such as forward, backward, or diagonal sprints.

Exercise with cones to improve agility and speed

Specific Skills Work:

In addition to physical training, professional players also spend time improving their technical skills. This may include ball handling drills, shooting, passing, defense, and other basketball-specific skills.

A person shooting a basket

Strengthening muscles, improving stability and balance, and developing explosive strength will not only help you increase your skills in the game, but will also help prevent potential injuries. By strengthening muscles and improving stability, you reduce the chances of joint injuries and increase impact resistance. Additionally, plyometric exercises help strengthen tendons and ligaments , reducing the risk of sprains and strains.

Basketball is much more than a sport, it is a discipline that combines skill, strength and passion. Do not be discouraged if the results are not as expected in the short term, they will come.

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